Davos has been a top location for conferences in the field of medicine and medical technology for many decades now. Delegates from around the world meet here for training and professional development events. The annual World Economic Forum, which draws in around 3,000 internationally respected headliners from the worlds of business, politics, science and public life is also a flagship event for the conference city of Davos.

Below is a list of organisations we have been delighted to welcome to our Congress Centre:

Sandra Crameri, WIRM Assistant, Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF)

Sandra Crameri, WIRM Assistant, Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF)

«Ever since our first visit in 2007, we have appreciated the professionalism, flexibility, excellent communication and friendliness of the Davos Congress team and would wholeheartedly recommend Davos Congress Centre as a venue for your event.»

Robert McGuire, President AO Foundation

Robert McGuire, President AO Foundation

«The AO Davos Courses 2020 are an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and engage with the best, wherever you are joining us online or on-site in Davos.»

Dr. med. André Dietschi, Präsident SGUM

Dr. med. André Dietschi, Präsident SGUM

«SGUM has held its annual national convention (over 500 delegates) in Davos for decades now. We have also organised 3 international conventions (tri-nation summits with over 1,200 delegates) with Davos Congress. We work closely with Davos Congress and appreciate their competent and professional approach, their fair pricing and their excellent facilities. We always receive excellent feedback on the event (and the catering) from our delegates, and the exhibitors see the convention in Davos as the perfect platform for interacting with customers.»

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organisation, committed to improving the world by engaging the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.



After the departure of pharmacon, which had been organising a pharmaceutical congress in Davos for 44 years, a new organising committee under Swiss leadership has set up the successor congress pharmaDavos and has been running it successfully since 2015. Around 400 pharmacists and students from the University of Basel are taking part in the almost one-week training under the motto "News from Davos" in order to be always up to date. The professional support provided by Congress Davos makes a major contribution to the success of this event in a remarkably collegial atmosphere.



In Switzerland, SGUM is responsible for all issues relating to ultrasound. By administering certificates of qualification, it is responsible for ensuring quality in the diagnostic use of ultrasound in medicine. Structured training courses, examinations, and the organisation’s annual convention help ensure that the quality goals are achieved.



The International Diagnostics Course Davos (IDKD) is sponsored by a non-profit organisation (Foundation for the Advancement of Education in Medical Radiology), which has the aim of furthering education in the field of radiology. It has delivered very well attended, week-long radiology training courses in Davos every spring since 1969.


LUNGE ZURICH Doctors’ Congress

The LUNGE ZURICH Doctors’ Congress, held in Davos since 1979, covers a wide range of topics and is aimed primarily at primary care providers, GPs, specialists in internal medicine working in general practice and speciality registrars, although it is also open to any interested medical practice staff. It offers specialists and the industry an interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of expertise and provides a networking opportunity for all stakeholders in the Swiss healthcare system.

The congress’s scientific committee puts together an independent programme each year, incorporating the latest developments in the industry, and the Doctor’s Congress attracts recognised experts from all relevant fields every year. Over 1,000 attend the congress in Davos.


AO Foundation

The AO is a medically guided, not-for-profit organization led by an international group of surgeons specialized in the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The AO Davos Courses is the AO's flagship educational event which in 2020 will be held as a 'hybrid' event, combining the best in on-site training with online learning opportunities.


AGC Courses Davos

Introduced in 1983, the practical courses on open and laparoscopic surgery of the gastrointestinal tract give participants the opportunity to practise on animal models. The courses offer ongoing professional development for both trainees and experienced surgeons. Led by 70 experienced GI surgeons and hospital directors, the courses take place once a year and are attended by around 260 participants from various European countries. To date, over 5,000 surgeons have successfully taken part in the Davos courses.



With its outstanding list of speakers, the annual World Immune Regulation Meeting has become one of the world’s most prestigious events in the field of immunology. WIRM is large enough for participants to learn from other scientists and small enough for them to meet the experts in person. This meeting is organised by the Swiss Institute for Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF), based in Davos.


Cardiology Update

Cardiology Update has been held in Davos every two years since its inauguration in 1975. Over time, the course has benefited from increasing prestige and a growing number of participants. The course is a joint educational programme by the Zurich Heart House/Foundation for Cardiovascular Research, the University of Zurich, the University Hospital Zurich and the European Society of Cardiology, ESC.