Champion in sustainability

It is well known, that the Swiss are particularly sustainable: A consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, good waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects is just part of our every day life. Below you will find more examples of our daily effort for a respected environment and a sustainable future.

Environmentally congresses in Davos

An outstanding transport infrastructure with international airports, a well-developed rail network as well as the growing deployment of busses all make for a pleasant and environmentally friendly journey.

We also draw your attention to the numerous environmental efforts of the hospitality industry Davos.  

The universities regularly evaluate the environment, air pollution, water quality, biodiversity, management of natural resources and climate change in respect of each country. Switzerland ranked first in 2014.



Green Congress Centre Davos

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification
  • Consideration of local suppliers / products and seasonal catering
  • Glasses instead of plastic cups etc.
  • Environmentally friendly waste disposal
  • Recycling
  • Grison Congress Ticket
  • Label Energy City Davos (Improving the CO2 balance and climate change)
  • Solar power production congress roof and feed into the public grid
  • No air conditioning since cooling with outside air

Also, numerous environmentally conscious activities are possible in Davos:

  • E-Bike tours
  • assisting with landscape projects
  • and much more