eCM Congress XVIII: Cartilage and Disc: Repair & Regeneration [copy]

Daily from 10.07.2023 - 12.07.2023

Number of expected participants: 150 Persons
Field: Education / Research

Articular cartilage and intervertebral disc have many structural and functional similarities although they are different tissues. Despite their well-defined structure, repair remains a clinical challenge. To meet this challenge, a full understanding of the biological processes, from development to degradation, is necessary. This conference aims to address precisely these topics while exploring issues such as cell mediated repair, biomaterials, physical stimuli, new clinical approaches and diagnostic developments. The outcome should be an increased understanding of the topic and an emphasis of the need to improve the interaction between scientists & clinicians. Since the inaugural meeting in 1999 eCM meetings have been the place where scientists and clinicians meet to move clinical problems to the scientists and to initiate projects to translate the scientific solutions back to the clinics.

This international forum continues the eCM congress series held in Davos. The limited number of participants (150) ensures clinicians, biologists, engineers and material scientists will have ample opportunities for knowledge sharing in basic, translational and clinical research in addition to developments in the field of cartilage and intervertebral disc. As the conference does not have parallel sessions it permits in-depth multidisciplinary discussions about how to advance these research areas.

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