COVID-19 safety concept

We go the distance – to ensure your event is a success

It’s important to us that we offer you the best possible protection. With its three separate buildings, Davos Congress offers you the perfect space for your FOPH-compliant event.

The different buildings make it easy to maintain distancing and hygiene regulations, and so keep your event safe.

COVID-19 safety concept

Your safety is our top priority. Our safety concept is based on the industry solution and legal requirements.

If you have any questions about the COVID safety concept, please contact the Davos Congress Team.


All of the Congress Centre entrances are just a few metres from the car park and the access roads. Each of the three buildings has a separate entrance.


The size of the entrance halls and the various entrances means that direct access and a one-way access system can be ensured.

Monitoring access

We help you to monitor access so that no unauthorised people can enter the premises.

Monitoring temperatures

If you would like this additional measure at the entrances or by each room, we can provide enough fever thermometers.

Distancing – room sizes

We offer you suitable FOPH-compliant rooms at no extra cost.

Hygiene regulations

The wide range of rooms available means the hygiene regulations can be individually implemented.


The rooms and work equipment are cleaned and disinfected during every break.


Our in-house catering service works in compliance with all the safety regulations and in line with the GastroSuisse safety concept.

Aerosols / ventilation

If the target CO2 value is exceeded, our ventilation system automatically starts up. When the unit is switched on, it exclusively provides fresh air from outside. We can use remote access to the control system server to intervene manually at any time if necessary.

The filters in our system are replaced regularly.