International Symposium on Snow Science

Täglich vom 25.09.2022 - 29.09.2022

Anzahl erwartete Teilnehmer: 250 - 300 Personen
Branche: Umwelt / Forschung

Snow is a complex material, transient and of singular beauty. While our understanding has improved over the recent decades, it still offers numerous scientific challenges.
The snow cover plays a crucial role in the climate of cold regions - from high latitudes to high elevations - and impacts societies and their activities. Because of its high climate sensitivity, snow is declining, with far-reaching consequences for the environment and humanity.
Given these prospects and improvements in advanced technologies for monitoring and modelling, we announce a symposium focused on understanding snow and its impacts on the environment, people and infrastructure. Snow will be examined at all scales - from the microscale of snow structure to the global scale.

This meeting seeks to address various challenges by bringing together scientists from diverse communities engaged in research on snow. We welcome snow-related contributions, including ground-based observations, remote sensing, laboratory experiments, numerical modelling, data compilations and analyses, risk management, water resources, climate and social impact assessment.

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