Conference city Davos

Davos has a long-established tradition as a conference, research and clinic resort. Over the years, the original spa resort has developed into a research hub. Since the beginning of the 20th century, courses have been organised to pass on the knowledge accumulated here.

The place for medical and pharmaceutical conferences

Davos has primarily established itself as a knowledgeable and popular partner for conferences and events in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Both are governed by strict guidelines in Switzerland. These specify that the main purpose of medical conferences must be to pass on specialised scientific information. The time devoted to this must outweigh any time spent on social events. Davos takes these guidelines very seriously, refers to them in all publications and contracts, and fully complies with them.

The village atmosphere and the mountain setting also help focus the mind on the conference itself. In the meantime, the conference city of Davos offers delegates and employees 6,900 hotel beds in a range of categories and a wealth of leisure and cultural activities, from ski slopes and hiking trails, to spas, bars and concert halls, etc., all within walking distance.

Conference city Davos

The conference city of Davos is the flagship Alpine venue for the global conference and convention market. And for good reason: the city has a rich tradition in staging conferences, the most state-of-the-art conference centre in the Alps and enjoys international renown as the host of the World Economic Forum (WEF). But Davos is much more than that: it is also home to a range of prestigious research centres such as the national Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, as well as numerous specialist clinics and hospitals. What’s more, it is a designated Energy City and a centre of education and learning.

World's finest Meeting Place

Davos also embodies Swissness, epitomising qualities such as safety, reliability, quality, authenticity, punctuality, sustainability and a stable political and economic landscape. All this in breathtaking natural surroundings, 1,560 metres above sea level, that evoke what is known worldwide as the ‘spirit of Davos’.