Sustainability is another high priority at the Davos Congress Centre. We are committed to sustainable and responsible development, with a balance between economic, social and ecological responsibility. The excellent transport infrastructure, with international airports and a well-developed and reliable rail network, enables a pleasant and environmentally friendly journey. Other projects such as “Cause we Care” support our endeavours in the climate-protection domain.


Climate neutral Davos Congress Centre

Thanks to its various measures to increase sustainability, the Davos Congress Centre was awarded «climate-neutral congress centre» certification on 1st June 2020 by the climate protection organisation myclimate. This makes it the first climate-neutral congress centre in Switzerland. myclimate is a globally active climate-protection organisation with roots in Switzerland. myclimate promotes measurable climate protection and sustainable development with high-quality projects.


What does «my climate» mean?

What does «my climate» mean?

The «Davos myclimate climate fund» is based on the «Cause we Care» model and involves guests and customers in Davos climate protection. This happens through a voluntary contribution, which is spent via the myclimate fund to support local and global climate-protection projects.


Which projects are supported?

Which projects are supported?

As part of the certification from myclimate, Davos Congress supports a project involved in the development and distribution of small biogas plants in rural areas of Nepal. Women there cook for their families mainly using wood as a fuel. The project means that the people there are supplied with clean energy while protecting tree populations. This project saves around 142,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year.

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Green Meetings

At the Davos Congress Centre, we place great importance on sustainability. We therefore pursue the following measures, among others:

  • Consideration of local suppliers and seasonal products for catering
  • Saving energy by using cold water in the sanitary systems
  • Environmental refuse disposal
  • Solar electricity generation on the Davos Congress Centre roof and feed-in to the public network
  • No air-conditioning as we cool using outside air

Sustainability considerations feature throughout, from the choice of location to the supporting programme and local catering. If you are planning to organise an environmentally friendly event, the energy-efficient town of Davos and the first climate-neutral congress centre in Switzerland is the ideal venue.

How you can make your congress climate neutral

Climate issues are also becoming increasingly important in the organisation of congresses. You can use the CO2 calculator to calculate the ecological footprint of your planned event.

Davos 2030

Davos has long been at the forefront of energy and environmental issues. There is a 125-year tradition here of CO2-neutral hydro-electric energy production. Solar energy systems have also been a feature of the town for several decades. Around 20 years ago, Davos became the first climate town in Graubünden and is set to become energy-self-sufficient by 2036.

With the climate-neutrality of its congress centre, Davos is sending out a further national and international signal. Not only does it host world-class events such as the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), but Davos also demonstrates how climate protection and energy issues can be implemented in practice without compromising economic efficiency and quality of use. Davos is thus once again demonstrating a pioneering role.